YouTube is an incredibly popular platform. So popular that more than 500 hours of new content appear on the site in 1 minute. Moreover, the popularity of video hosting is growing all the time. And it is becoming increasingly difficult for novice YouTubers to «break through» to a level where you can already earn money. Speeding up the thorny path of development allows you to cheat YouTube views. Youtube watch hours generator.

Let’s look at this important indicator in detail. So, this is the period of time during which your viewer watched the video on the channel.  It is displayed in the viewing time reports and helps to determine the most interesting videos to the public. In addition, it contains information about less viewed videos.

The data is available in the Analytics section on your channel. After analyzing the report, you will find out the total viewing time, viewing hours of each video separately without providing personal information and viewing time by individual users.

5 reasons to order hours of views for monetization on YouTube

  1. There are fewer subscribers due to a decrease in viewing hours. If there are less than 1000 followers and less than 4000 hours, you are deprived of the status of an affiliate program, and, as a result, earnings.
  2. To activate monetization. To do this, you need to promote your account as quickly as possible. Independent promotion lasts for years.
  3. Bypass competitors. It is important for a commercial account to take a leading position and constantly be in the recommendations. This increases not only monetization, but also the number of customers. And if during the first three hours after downloading the video, it scored 500 views, then the chances of getting into the TOP increase significantly.
  4. Rapid growth in popularity. It’s no secret that even bloggers well-known throughout Russia order hours of views for monetization on YouTube. This is how they take their channels to completely different levels. Also note that it is not necessary to constantly attract viewers for money. When videos appear in recommendations, organic traffic grows on its own.
  5. Live clock. We don’t use bots. Our views are not written off by the Youtube algorithm. It is possible to purchase watches in any quantity with a choice of the necessary audience from any country.